Jack Tuttle’s Traditional Fiddle Collection


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I use this book for many of my beginning and intermediate students. Most of the tunes are southern old-time tunes, but mixed in are a smattering of bluegrass, Celtic and other genres. This spiral-bound book is organized in a systematic, graduated method, starting with very simple tunes and working slowly into more advanced material. This book is one of the most detailed books for developing a solid understanding of the standard bowing patterns used by fiddlers. Bow directions – ups and downs and slurs are carefully notated throughout. Left-hand fingerings are also notated wherever needed. There are a total of 101 tunes in this 102 page book. About 70 of them are arranged by me for teaching purposes, but there about 30 transcriptions that I have culled from my favorite fiddle recordings over the last 20 years, from a whole variety of fiddlers, mostly southern American. Also included are major and minor scales, major and minor arpeggios, exercises for the bow, exercises for the left hand and tag endings.

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