Jack Tuttle’s Bluegrass Fiddle Primer


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Jack Tuttle’s Bluegrass Primer has been completely rewritten and is the book I now use for my bluegrass fiddle students.

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This is my all new 2020 version which I will now use with all my Bluegrass Fiddle students. This spiral-bound book is organized in a systematic, graduated method, starting with very simple tunes and working slowly into more advanced material. This book is one of the most detailed books for developing a solid understanding of the standard bowing patterns used by bluegrass fiddlers. Bow directions - ups and downs, slurs and slide are carefully notated throughout. Left-hand fingerings are also notated wherever needed.

Included are lots of solos for the vocal part of bluegrass fiddling, (referred to as "songs" in the bluegrass vernacular) often overlooked by teaching methodologies. Much of the emphasis is in learning how to re-interpret a vocal melody line to create a professional sounding fiddle solo. This is quite a bit different than playing a fiddle tune. Also, the keys of Bb, B, E and F, are very common for songs, in addition to the more common keys of G, D, A and C. There are a total of 115 songs and instrumental tunes in this 84 page book. Most of them are arranged by me for teaching purposes, and all of them are common in traditional bluegrass jam sessions. Also included are exercises, major scales, tag endings for fiddle tunes and licks that fit over the 4th line of songs. 

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