Jack Tuttle’s Bluegrass Banjo Primer


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This is a 96 page spiral-bound book with over 70 bluegrass songs. The tablature is laid out in a graduated fashion, from simple to more complex techniques.

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This book is a result of my developing a well thought-out lesson program for banjo over the last forty years of teaching. In this 96 page spiral-bound book, the tablature is laid out in a graduated fashion. In the beginning lessons, we use simple three-finger rolls, combined with chords and melodies to play some standard bluegrass songs. As we progress, we introduce the hammer, slide and pull-off licks associated with Earl Scruggs. As the pieces move along, we learn some classic solos I have transcribed through the years from Earl Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, J.D. Crowe and other banjo greats, mixed in with lots of my own arrangements of commonly played bluegrass jam pieces, all with an eye toward developing the correct stylistic elements essential to bluegrass banjo. Also included are back-up ideas, vamping patterns, movable licks, vocal endings, double tag endings, and ¾ style playing ideas. For an idea of the quality of the transcriptions, you can download PDF transcription samples from the Banjo Lessons page.

Note: This is an update of my book previously titled: Jack Tuttle’s Banjo Collection volume 1. For those looking for audio files for that edition, go here.

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