Here’s some feedback regarding the CD!



Thanks for the CD! I am SO proud of you. I already knew your guitar playing was amazing and now you’re also playing banjo (is there any limit to your talent???) and then there’s your singing….WOW!!!! I love the way you sing! Love the way your voice sounds, love the way you use it, love the way you can dig in and get gritty, love your phrasing and all your little bluegrassy/oldtime flourishes. Love your song choices. Hazel’s “Hard to Tell the Singer” and “Graveyard” are my favorites. (The morbid ones!!!!) Along with your own tune “The Old Apple Tree.” Great melody. Congrats on a job well done!

Murphy Henry
The Murphy Method


For a barely-fourteen-year-old girl from the San Francisco Bay area, Molly sings as though she grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains a hundred and fifty years ago. This is her first CD release, recorded with her father and coach, Jack Tuttle, a well-known multi-instrumentalist and performer, author and music teacher. With her crystal-clear voice, crisp falsettos and her apparently instinctive interpretations, The Old Apple Tree is bound to be just the first of many CDs to come. Keep an eye and both ears trained on Molly Tuttle. This is one young woman you don’t want to overlook.

Dennis Brunnenmeyer: KVMR radio, Grass Valley, CA

OH, MY GOODNESS! I checked out the samples from that CD of you and Molly this morning and thought it was the most amazing thing in the whole world.  I couldn’t believe it!  I want it!  I want it now!  Your voices together are amazing!  And I checked out her website and it was so sweet.  I can’t believe it.

She’s going places.  Do you know that?  I mean, you might be, too. You’re OK.   But that girl is going places.  That’s my prediction.  You be careful with her.



Jack and Molly,

I really had my socks knocked off by your CD ! Congratulations to both of you on your hard work and job impeccably done!  I absolutely love your selection of tunes and the artful way they were interpreted and performed.  I am particularly taken and moved by Molly’s incredible vocals … .. I am so very inspired.  I want a t-shirt! The cover art is also wonderful!

Thank you both for sharing your talents with the world.




I picked up your CD from CDBaby after listening to it on KPFA a couple of Sundays back. It is fabulous! Your vocal harmonies are rich and well-blended. Your instrumentations are reminiscent of tradition with cool Tuttle blue notes snuck in. My favorite cut is Rain and Snow. I like the way Molly’s voice jumps to her higher register like a yodel. I am really enjoying your CD, thanks for putting all the time and effort into it. You should be very proud of it.



… I find this record sweet, and irresistible, actually: Molly’s vocals are surprisingly soulful, in the style of Hazel Dickens and Cousin Emmy (her mournful performance of Emmy’s Graveyard is a stand-out cut, along with her rendition of Muleskinner Blues and the Louvin Brothers’ I Wish You Knew ). Molly’s 3-finger melodic picking on June Apple is quite competent, and considering she just took up old-time banjo, her clawhammer playing displays skill, and the right amount of rollicking spirit (especially on the title song which she wrote). Jack’s playing is solid throughout, and occasionally striking (I really like his fiddle playing). This is an impressive debut for Molly, and a substantial record on all counts.

Banjo Newsletter (editor)


Hi Jack and Molly,

I’m really impressed by your music. Rain and Snow has the perfect old time bluegrass feeling. Your voices blend together very well. Your voice, Molly, has a huge impact by its tone and timbre. I was surprised to learn you are still so young. You have a bright bluegrass future. Maybe the next Alison Krauss? Why not? The way you played the instruments is great. Little Maggie is one of my favorites. Please make more of this nice music. It’s a discovery for me.

Molly is a true modern ambassador of the ‘old time bluegrass’ without getting old fashioned. I mean the old time bluegrass that brings deep and beautiful feelings and lets you dream about sunny American landscapes, green mountains and flowing rivers. Your voice blends in very well – I was ashtonished when I read you were father and daughter. Here in Belgium I listen to your songs quite a lot, playing along with them using my banjo, mandoline or guitar.

Kind regards, Frans Belgium (Europe)


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